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Review of Windows Phone 8 - Nokia Lumia 720

I used Blackberry 8310 smartphone for five years before buying Lumia 720 in May 2013. Not that I was unhappy with its usage or performance, but it had started showing signs of aging. Also, I craved for bigger font size due to slight deterioration of my eye sight with age; and of course, I wanted Wi-Fi support to save money on data charges.

So, I decided to purchase a new phone. Without much thinking, I thought of purchasing Windows 8 Phone, naively thinking that since it is from Microsoft and it includes Office, it would be able to open and edit Microsoft Office files without any problem. And, to my utter surprise this assumption turned out to be true,  only partially, though. Read on to know more.

Also, another reason was that most of resellers of packaged software had switched to Windows Phone, possibly for the same reason. But, now I find that, many of them feel that they will have to wait for another service pack before they can get a reasonably good smartphone.

Good things about M…

Problems faced by flat owners of a new building in Maharashtra

Here I am going take up one of the major issue that every society faces, at the time of its incorporation.

Over last many years I have noticed that Builders make the building but fail miserably in handing over charge of the Proposed society to the newly formed Society. Normally there is a gap of about 6 months to 2-3 years between when a builder starts giving possession of the flats to the buyers and formation of Society. During this interim period Builder starts collection of maintenance charge from the flat purchasers in the name of the Proposed Society. And separate accounts are maintained by the builder in the name of Proposed Society (PS).

But, in most of the cases, at the time of handing over possession of the building to the newly formed Society, builder does not give any accounts of the money collected and spent in the name of the PS. Also, builder ensures that there is no money left in the bank account of PS. Only thing builder hands over to the society is details of money co…

Sold old car to a car dealer? Find out who bought it and when.

One can find out registration details of a vehicle in India at this website.

Keep Vehicle Registration No. and last 5 characters of the Chassis No. handy.

Although no where it is mentioned, I found out that, Vehicle Registration No is entered in two parts. First part is - say MH24AK and second part is last 4 digits, say 3934. 

In case of Chassis No notice that one is supposed to enter characters and not numbers!

What do you mean?

Although last 5 characters could be a number; practically in a Chassis No it could have special characters as well. For example, the five characters could have dash (-) or underscore (_) or a similar character in it. Point is Chassis No may not be all digits/numbers but could be a combination of digits and some special character e.g., (-2411). Look for correct Chassis No in to your Registration Certificate (RC) Book/Card carefully and then enter the value.

When you enter correct combination of …

Visit of Maharashtra Nature Park

On 12th January 2013, IIT Bombay Alumni Association (IITBAA) arranged a visit to Maharashtra Nature Park - a 37 acre man-made forest created on a garbage dumping ground. It is located at Mahim-Dharavi, near Sion. I attended the same along with my son.

Background of Maharashtra Nature Park (also known as Mahim Nature Park):
When people come today to the Mahim Nature Park (MNP) they find it difficult to believe that, the forest they see before their very eyes was once a city garbage dump. But that is exactly what it was less than 20 years ago.Conceived by the WWF-India in the late 1970s, an area of about 37 acres in the "H" Block of Bandra-Kurla Complex, which was earlier a garbage dump or land fill, was decided to be ecologically restored and developed as a Nature Park by MMRDA. Located on Ba…

Few simple but effective Pre-Budget Suggestions for Direct taxes

To: "Shri Sumit Bose - Revenue Secretary" <>
Sent: Friday, December 28, 2012 1:31 PM
Subject: Few simple but effective Pre-Budget Suggestions for Direct taxes

Dear Shri Sumit Bose (23092653, 23092111 Ext:-5353),
Government is helplessly reeling under pressure to achieve +8% growth under bad economic conditions all over.

Under such circumstance it is required to think of radical measures to increase revenue collection and reduce inefficient operations of government.

Please find enclosed my 3 simple suggestions that will bring following benefits to Indian Government:

1. Increase revenue by making rich people pay taxes proportionate to their income
2. Increase Service tax collection based on negative list by re-deploying Income tax employees to Service tax
3. Free small businesses from the clutch of direct tax machinery by making them pay taxes proportional to their real income.

Indian Railway - How to change Boarding Point of a reserved train ticket

In India it is quite common that one may not get a train ticket reservation even on the first day of the ticket reservation cycle - which opens four months in advance. So, what does on do?

If your starting point is other than starting point of the train then some smart people try to book ticket from a earlier station; and then apply for change of boarding point. Of course, if you try to give your boarding point while booking the ticket then the system shows that tickets are not available because system computes availability based on quota reserved for your boarding point. Then, what does one do to change the boarding point after the ticket is booked?

Take a regular Reservation Slip. Write on top 'Change of Boarding Point'. Fill in all details as seen in your ticket including PNR number. Against 'Boarding Point' write new boarding point that you want. Then reach  railway reservation counter (PRS) with your printed ticket, reservation slip and photocopy of one identity p…

Some thoughts on future of humanity

Last Sunday, during the group meditation session I got some thoughts on what life would be on earth in the future times.

Some background:
Looking back, say about 200 years back, could any one would have imagined how the world would be say in 2013? Well, I doubt it.

Similarly it takes only a visionary of high order to think of what human life would be say 200 years from now. Fascinating? If yes, then keep reading. One warning - enter with an open mind. One disclaimer - I'm not claiming to be a visionary. These thoughts are based on existing writings that I have been reading for the last 9 years or so.

Thoughts on life on earth in future
There was a steady increase in natural and man made calamities on earth - giving louder and louder warnings to humanity to make amend or perish. Of course, a small but reasonable number of wise and intelligent people known as Indigo/Blue man tried to guide humanity with wise thoughts and actions. But, unfortunately humanity was very slow in understan…

Mind - Heart Relationship

There is considerable confusion among people on whether to use the mind or the heart - while thinking, deciding etc. This confusion is bound to happen because people don't correctly understand what each term represents and their relationship with each other. They naively conclude that since it's an inbuilt capability among human beings and everyone uses it all the time - we all know about it very well. Well, not really.

I will try to explain it in simple words using some modern terminologies.

If you understand working of computers or smart phones, mind is like a random access memory (RAM) i.e., volatile memory of a computer or a smart phone. And heart is like a permanent memory similar to that of hard disk or a SD card.

Come on, I can understand about mind's comparison with RAM but I won't agree with heart's comparison with a hard disk or SD card. How can it be?

You agree that whatever is in the mind is volatile in nature. Right?

Yes. But, how does it make heart like…