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Status of Income Tax Refund

There is a very useful service started by Income tax department to find out status of your Income tax refund. But useful of such an important service is marred by bad data in the Income tax database. For example see following screen-shot from the website.

Notice the text in bigger red circle. First column says "cheque has not been sent" and next column says "refund cheque is encashed".
Also, notice that refund is sent on 10-8-2006 for the Assessment Year 2007-08 i.e., Financial year ended on 31-3-2007. So, our Income tax department is so efficient and forward looking that they are able to send the refund on 10-8-2006 before year has ended on 31-3-2007!! I like this efficiency.

It clearly shows that Income tax database is in a mess. And such mess can be easily traced back to the people who enter data in to the system. So, it's a garbage in garbage out.

Recently (24-6-2010) there was a press release by Income tax that said:
“The Income Tax Department has taken t…

Understanding IT Software Business Model in view of tax confusion

ISODA's writ petition demanding removal of Service tax on Packaged Software got dismissed by the Madras high court on 24th August 2010. The order said that government has right to levy Service tax on IT Software and is well within the rights conferred to it by the Indian Constitution. It further confirmed that software is 'goods' but transaction involving transfer of right to use - between ISODA member (software reseller) and End user could be 'sale' or 'service' depending upon what is written in the End User License Agreement  (EULA) from the software developer / copyright owner.

Tax experts concurred that interpretation of order could pose serious difficulty to the business operations of the software resellers - as would be difficult to read EULA of each Packaged Software license and determine whether the transaction is a 'sale' or 'service' or combination of the two. Doing so would be subject to the interpretation of a legal agreement - w…

Tryst with Medical Fraternity

My mother aged 72 years had a fall because a young child crossed her way while playing. She sat down on the ground and could not get up. She was brought home by some helpful people.

Upon simple visual examination we did not find any visible signs of a fracture like swelling or unbearable pain. Of course, she found it difficult to move right leg and had pain it was moved. So, a young physiotherapist was called in. She examined her and said that possibly there is no fracture and few sessions would do good to her. She started with some mild treatment on first day. But next day my mother sensed more pain compared to the previous day. So, we stopped her treatment - fearing that exercise may aggravate the pain and some experienced person should be called in.

Our friendly neighbour suggested a local bone-setter (hadd-vaidya) whose 3 generations have been curing ailments related to bones and setting bones. One young man arrived quickly and applied some oil and with a wooden massage aid and d…