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Why pay Service Tax on Packaged Software - to be on the safer side?

In India, the taxation and legal system is very complicated, extremely slow and quite expensive in terms of money and time.

So, whenever there is an ambiguity on the applicability of a particular tax or law - usual advise given by Tax Consultants is - "we feel this - this and this ... - but to be on safer side pay tax" i.e., collect from the customer and pay to the government. After all - it's the poor customer who pays!!!

And bigger the company seeking the advice - bigger is the consultant i.e., all MNC's seek advice from one of the big four management consultants. Never mind what their track record is. We have seen fate of number of global consulting organizations and their customers in the last 7-8 years. Not only consultancy organizations but even their top notch MNC customers have gone out of businesses. So, much about the big consultants and their advice!!

So, it's time that we start using our brain and innate wisdom to understand the tax/legal issues on hand …