Sold old car to a car dealer? Find out who bought it and when.

One can find out registration details of a vehicle in India at this website.

Keep Vehicle Registration No. and last 5 characters of the Chassis No. handy.

Although no where it is mentioned, I found out that, Vehicle Registration No is entered in two parts. First part is - say MH24AK and second part is last 4 digits, say 3934. 

In case of Chassis No notice that one is supposed to enter characters and not numbers!

What do you mean?

Although last 5 characters could be a number; practically in a Chassis No it could have special characters as well. For example, the five characters could have dash (-) or underscore (_) or a similar character in it. Point is Chassis No may not be all digits/numbers but could be a combination of digits and some special character e.g., (-2411). Look for correct Chassis No in to your Registration Certificate (RC) Book/Card carefully and then enter the value.

When you enter correct combination of Vehicle Registration No and Chassis No screen displays information as shown above. If you wish to see more details then click on the Vehicle No viz., MH32K etc. It displays complete vehicle details including Insurance Policy details, Name and address of the current owner. It even displays ownership history of the vehicle. 

The database seems quite up-to-date. It has data of vehicles as old as those registered in the year 2000 or prior.

Quite useful. But, it could be mean breach of privacy. 


What is Privacy?

We are in India, where everything is known to everybody.

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