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Would you ditch a PC running Windows XP because Microsoft is stopping support from April 8, 2014?

For last 6 months or so there is an intense debate and advisory from various sections of media, some of them acting on behalf of certain IT vendors also, that it would owe fully dangerous to continue to use Windows XP PC after the D-day.

Here is my insight in to the situation:

Windows XP has been in existence for last 12 years. This period is perhaps longer than any other Windows version so far. And also, it is one of the most admired and widely use PC operating system on earth. Even as on today, more than 30% of PCs run Windows XP.

So, should people scrap the PC or donate it to a charity or do something else?

There have been various answers from various people. Some of the most popular are listed below:

1.Upgrade it to Windows 8.1: Well, this may not be possible for most of the PCs because of old hardware or cost of upgrade. In fact, cost of upgrade is perhaps more than double of the current value of the PC.

2. Upgrade to Windows 7: If we decide to ignore the cost of Upgrade then this …