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Tell me what is a “Packaged Software” license?

Is it a purchase of “Goods”, “Service” or a “Royalty Payment"?

The idea of “duality” has deep roots not only in Indian Philosophy - where God is supposed be ‘dvaita’ as well as ‘advaita’; but such duality is in modern science also.

In Science, debate over the nature of ‘light’ and ‘matter’ is dating back to the 1600s, when various scientists proposed competing theories of ‘light’. It was through the work of Albert Einstein and many others that current scientific theory holds that all ‘particles’ also have a ‘wave’ nature. That is, 'light' has a dual nature i.e., it is a 'wave' as well as a 'particle'. When light hits a photosensitive material it generates electricity due to its particle nature.

Our Government – which seems to have no equal any where in any other country – have discovered another duality – in fact a new ‘tri-ality’ (for want to better expression let’s say this) about ‘Packaged Software’. It has found that “Packaged Software” is three different…