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Quality of Service provided by the Service Providers

I remember hearing an episode from my Master about quality of work done by people from India. Many years back in the British newspapers Churchill’s remark about loose wires hanging on the wall attributed to 'some indian must have done the electrical wiring' had attracted furore from Indian elite of his time. But after narrating this episode my master said “Churchill’s observation was correct. How much True it is?.” He went on to explain that we never take 'pride' in what we do.

It is quite sad that even after lapse of 50-60 years situation is very much similar. Although India has emerged as a hub of 'call centre' for the world and MNCs like Dell and others outsource their work to India - looking at quality of services offered - I'm convinced that this boom also will die the death of 'dot-com' bubble. It may not be that fast or sudden but it is written on the wall. Companies giving this outsourcing work to India will realize soon that it's not wor…