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Slow, steady and sure death of the Packaged Software Industry in India

It takes Government of India to create a huge great mess - which even God can not create with all powers to His command. Why don't for a while, it keep its hands off on matters it does not understand well? I'm referring to IT software and its delivery models. If they don't understand it, helping hand is extended to them from ISODA (Infotech Software Dealers Association -, but who wants to acknowledge that a mess is created; and clarity is due to the citizens of India?

Let me put it in plain terms. Government of India (that includes bureaucrats and politicians, all together) is out there to kill the proverbial Golden Goose. They have found the proverbial whipping boy in Indian Software Industry. Whether it's Income tax department, Customs/Excise/Service tax department, State Government's Commercial Tax (VAT) departments or even local Municipal Corporations - it's all same. They are utterly clueless about how to tax (in other words, get thei…

Online photo print service in India

In USA and many other countries, online photo print services are quite an established business. But, recently I discovered a good quality service provider based out of Mumbai, India.

When I saw their mailer (e-mail) they said they would give 10 No.s 4x6 prints free. Yes, you read it correct - FREE!! I checked that they were based out of Mumbai and decided not to make any payment to them by credit card. They had option to pay cash at one shop located quite close to my office.

So, I went ahead and uploaded 10 best photos of my Kashmir tour and ordered the prints. They charged Rs.25/- plus tax as delivery charges. They sent a number through SMS to my mobile phone; went to the shop, made the cash payment and they issued a receipt of Rs.28/- or so. And within seconds I got SMS saying money was received and prints would be delivered in few days.

It did come - as promised to my place. My first and second impression about this service ( is too good.

Today I got an offe…

Kashmir tour

After many posts letting out my steam, I'm posting beautiful pictures of Kashmir valley.

It's a long journey from Mumbai, when you travel by train and road. But it is worth every meter you have travelled. It's truly a heaven on earth.

I liked the people there. They want peace and stability as much as rest of the world. Let's pray that peace and tranquility will prevail in this part of the world.

Kashmiri family traveling in Daal lake

Water skiing in Daal lake

Mughal Garden in Srinagar

River in Sonmarg

Mountains in Sonmarg

Houseboats in Nageena Lake with reflection in water

Beautiful view in Gulmarg

View of hotels in Gulmarg

View of mountains in Pahelgam

River in Pahelgam

Pictures taken with Kodak 8 MP camera with 3x Optical Zoom.