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Weekly Group-Meditation Annoucements at Mumbai

This post is an attempt to record various announcements done every week at Kandivali / Ghatkopar, Mumbai on various topics of interest for Heartfulness practitioners / Sahaj Marg abhyasis.

Purpose of this record is to catch-up with various happenings at Mumbai, In case one has missed the group meditation he can read the announcements here and be up to date with all events.

Announcements on 9-9-2017

3 Days Heartfulness Workshop @ SaiBaba
3 Days Heartfulness Workshop will be conducted on 14th 15th, 16th of September 2017
Timing : 7:00 to 8:00 pm
Venue :SaiBaba Mandir, SaiBaba Nagar, Borivali - West. Mumbai – 400092.

Proposal for Assembly in BMA Panvel  
•To come together and share our views and contribute in unique ways I propose that we assemble in BMA Panvel on September 17th for the 11:30 am group meditation and interaction and lunch thereafter.
•Regular satsang locations will continue to hold respective satsang as usual.

3 Days Heartfulness Workshop
Prakash Anand Bhuwan, Somwari Bazar, …