Innovations that has potential to change the world

I have special liking for innovations that has potential to change the world for the better. Here, I intend to share all those at one place. Hope you like them.  1. This video demonstrates how Dozee - a contactless, remote, accurate and affordable remote health monitoring solution works. It's start-up by young IIT Bombay Alumni re-purposed what originally was a sleep monitoring sensor to a remote patient monitoring system!!  They are getting orders from hospitals.. Website 2. No contact water tap with soap : 1 Sec water for wetting hands, 1 sec soap dispensing, 20 sec for scrubbing, 9 sec for rinsing. 3. Sharing video on two IIT students who invented car that runs on air, water, aluminium and graphene . Actually they have invented a battery which is powered by these materials.  The company name is Log9 Materials. They started in 2014. Their innovation has got good publicity in leading media publications.  This video is perhaps 18 months old. It would

Knowing Treelabs: Inventing the Inventors

I met Dr Dipankar of Treelabs on 13th Sept 2018 at his office cum residence. His work seems too good to be true. Me and my son Ankit spend four and half hours with him knowing and seeing his work. He seems to have done ground breaking fundamental research in many many areas. He left IITB few years back. He is determined to make difference in the lives of lowest rung of people by creating Bell Labs of India and finding out enlightened inventors. Many of his inventions are related to Electrical Power e.g. drastic reduction in energy consumption of an electrical induction motor, measuring energy usage of a machine in real time on mobile phone etc. Frankly I’m not qualified to assess or understand fully his inventions. Short description of his work is given below. —- Dipankar did is B.Tech from IIT-Bombay in Electrical Engineering (‘84-‘88 batch). Subsequently, he did his Masters and PhD from Rice University (USA) in Physics. He did it in record time of 10 months. He enjoyed the ra

What to do when one feels unwell, during Covid-19 lockdown in Mumbai

This is a compilation of useful information to fight Covid-19 pandemic. It's culled from many sources. These details are given for information only. Reasonable care has been taken to make it as accurate as possible. Hope you find it useful. 1. What to do when you suspect Corona virus infection? a. Don't Panic. Stay calm. Contact your family doctor and seek his advice. In case he is not able to help reach out to doctors (or apps) mentioned at Point-7 for Covid-19 and Point-8 for non-Covid health issue. b. In case of  Covid suspicion call on 1916 and/or report on Arogya Setu Application. MCGM Medical Officer will contact you.  c. Visit nearest Covid Fever Clinic. Based on advice of medical officer get Covid-19 (RT-PCR) test done. At government hospitals test is free of charge. Private lab charges Rs.2,800/- for home collection. At lab charge is Rs.2,200/- d. Upon receipt of test report decide next course of action along with MCGM Medical officer. If symptoms are mild he