Hapless Co-operative Housing Society members slapped with 18% GST and Complex Paperwork

Recent implementation of GST Act in India has not only slapped massive 18% GST on Co-operative Housing Society (CHS) member contributions but also burdened them with very complex paperwork.

If one understands the basic tenet of CHS and its working one would immediately understand the absurdity of this idea of levying financial as well as administrative burden. Here is my argument for not levying GST on CHS:

Why GST should not be levied on CHS?I. CHS works on no-profit, no-loss co-operative model. Here services are received by members from the elected members of the society. People don't have any alternative but to live in a CHS. When CHS is formed by members, they do it out of necessity; and NOT for entertainment or for profit. Housing is a basic necessity of people.

Slapping 18% GST on member contributions is simply a bad idea emanating from a bureaucratic machinery having no experience of CHS movement. There is no basis to levy any GST on CHS.

II. CHS has a very minimum administr…

Weekly Group-Meditation Annoucements at Mumbai

This post is an attempt to record various announcements done every week at Kandivali / Ghatkopar, Mumbai on various topics of interest for Heartfulness practitioners / Sahaj Marg abhyasis.

Purpose of this record is to catch-up with various happenings at Mumbai, In case one has missed the group meditation he can read the announcements here and be up to date with all events.

Announcements on 9-9-2017

3 Days Heartfulness Workshop @ SaiBaba
3 Days Heartfulness Workshop will be conducted on 14th 15th, 16th of September 2017
Timing : 7:00 to 8:00 pm
Venue :SaiBaba Mandir, SaiBaba Nagar, Borivali - West. Mumbai – 400092.

Proposal for Assembly in BMA Panvel  
•To come together and share our views and contribute in unique ways I propose that we assemble in BMA Panvel on September 17th for the 11:30 am group meditation and interaction and lunch thereafter.
•Regular satsang locations will continue to hold respective satsang as usual.

3 Days Heartfulness Workshop
Prakash Anand Bhuwan, Somwari Bazar, …

Correct Procedure for eFiling of TDS/TCS statements on Income Tax eFiling website from May 2016

On 4th May 2016 Income tax department suddenly released a Notification No.6/2016 informing the Tax Deductors or Collectors that TDS/TCS returns will have to be filed at Income Tax department's eFiling website. However TIN FC (Facilitation Centres) will continue to accept TDS/TCS returns as before. 

More details can be found at:

In other words it was to be inferred that NSDL's website will no longer allow filing of TDS/TDS returns from May 2016! So, those who were registered on NSDL site were suddenly left high and dry and had to rush to Income Tax department's eFiling website for registration. And how many days did they have to do it? Just 11 days!

And what was the procedure? The notification said visit the Tax Deductor portion of eFiling website and register there. And if any one tries to register he is lost because proper procedure is not mentioned any where.

So, lot of tax people cancelled th…

Introducing 'Heartfulness Meditation' to friends using WhatsApp

Recently I used WhatsApp to introduce 'Heartfulness Meditation' to people whom I know personally i.e., they are in my mobile's address book and they also have my mobile number in their address book.

Let's see what I shared with them.

Hi, with your permission I will send one short video per day, giving useful information on Heartfulness Meditation. 

So, one video will be sent to you per day for next 12 days. It will be of 2 to 3 min duration telling you about one particular aspect of the meditation practice. For example, what is it, when and how to sit, how to regulate thoughts, recording experiences etc etc.

Please give feedback or feel free to ask relevant questions to me.

What is Meditation?

Day-2: "Heartfulness Meditation." Here we go.

Please go back a little in time and remember how you learnt driving, swimming, cooking or biking. It was difficult initially. Same here, but it is safer here.

Actually for some people, it may be somewhat similar to the si…

Is India ready for eGovernance?

Since opening of Indian economy to the world, and proliferation of Internet all over, we are seeing more and more services provided by the government is becoming web centric. It means a lot, at least to the technology savvy young public, as they are able to get information literally on their finger tips by accessing very useful information on their smart phones and laptops.

But, as a old time Information Technology (IT) professional, I notice that many a times, implementation by government departments leaves much to be desired. Most of government websites are designed and maintained by National Informatics Centre (NIC).

I'll give some example to illustrate, what I mean.

1. Scant regard for IT Security

I will be able to best illustrate this point by showing screen-shots of few prominent government websites.

a. Error shown below is for a page on NSDL site that take you to a page that allows you to make TDS payments under Form 280, 281 etc. What it means that this page does not have…

Extracting E-Mail addresses from a file or a web page using Microsoft Excel

Recently I needed to extract E-mail addresses from a range of cells in an Excel file. I looked around for a solution on Internet.

After going through number of solutions, I hit upon a very elegant solution that could be used easily for extracting Email addresses not only from Excel file but from any web page or a word file or anything that can be selected and copied and pasted in to a Excel sheet. The solution is described below.

It's essentially a short VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) code (also called a program) to create a custom function in Excel named FindEmailAddresses(Cell1:Cell2). Where range Cell1:Cell2 would contain the text from where we wish to extract Email addresses.

Assuming we have already created the function (explained later below) - here is a description of how to use it.
1. Assuming cells A1 to C5 contains the text from where we want to extract email ids
2. Insert a new column at A1 - so that original content of A1 to C5 will shift to B1 to D5.
3. Now, sele…