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New Passport Seva Kendra at Andheri, Mumbai

Today visited PSK (Passport Seva Kendra) at Andheri, Mumbai. We're almost forced to do this i.e., apply for re-issue of a passport that was valid till January 2020.

What happened? It seems people with an Indian passport - which were issued before 1-1-2001 or a passport with 20 year's validity - are not eligible for a Schengen visa! If one is planning to visit one or more than one of 25 countries in Europe then passport should have been issued by Govt of India after 1-1-2001. Why? It seems that prior to this date details on passport were hand-written i.e., they were not printed in a machine readable format.

So, how does one apply for re-issue of a passport that is still valid till 2020? I could not find any reason I could tick. But, in our case, one reason came to our rescue. If that reason was not there, I wonder how does one apply for re-issue just to satisfy Visa requirement of European countries. (Note: Later on I noticed that for re-issue there an option - change of perso…