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Review of Windows Phone 8 - Nokia Lumia 720

I used Blackberry 8310 smartphone for five years before buying Lumia 720 in May 2013. Not that I was unhappy with its usage or performance, but it had started showing signs of aging. Also, I craved for bigger font size due to slight deterioration of my eye sight with age; and of course, I wanted Wi-Fi support to save money on data charges.

So, I decided to purchase a new phone. Without much thinking, I thought of purchasing Windows 8 Phone, naively thinking that since it is from Microsoft and it includes Office, it would be able to open and edit Microsoft Office files without any problem. And, to my utter surprise this assumption turned out to be true,  only partially, though. Read on to know more.

Also, another reason was that most of resellers of packaged software had switched to Windows Phone, possibly for the same reason. But, now I find that, many of them feel that they will have to wait for another service pack before they can get a reasonably good smartphone.

Good things about M…