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Loop Mobile - Revised tariff of Blackberry BIS Lite Plan

I'm customer of BPL mobile (now Loop) since inception of their service in Mumbai.

Recently I learnt from the bill that Loop Mobile has revised the tariff of Blackberry BIS Lite Plan wef 6-6-2012 from Rs.199 to 299 with added facility of 2 Gb Internet free on Opera mini browser.  

There are many problems with such revision of tariff:

1. Loop Mobile did not inform customers about revised tariff along with new details of 2 GB Internet thru opera. I did not get any notice from them about it. I learnt it only from gallery upon inquiry of higher tariff bill. Loop Mobile is claiming that they have informed the all users of BIS Lite by SMS. But, I never received any SMS.

2. Loop Mobile did not take consent of customer before charging the revising tariff. They have unilaterally changed the tariff. Against this argument they say that they are at liberty to change price of Value Added Service any time.

TRAI Direction on Value Added Services dated 4th July 2011 (F.No.305-15/2011-QoS), it st…

How to use NSDL's eTDS Filing system

In one of the comments on my blog post on Passport Seva Kendra  I had mentioned this:

"Not only this public facing website or application, if you are a user of any other website whether government or even corporate (particularly those related to eProcurement, Tender etc) user interface, directions to use and self-help resources are terrible. Of course, there are exceptions but only very few e.g.,

I've been having email and telephonic dialog with NSDL for their TDS website and have managed to correct a few things but there are simply too many small issues wrt usability.

It is really frustrating when even basic validation check - when done - errors are not displayed properly. For example, in ACES (Excise/Customs and Service Tax website) when certain figures don't match, error simply says figure don't match. Is this information enough to troubleshoot? Why can't it display both figures as well? If they are given, one can go back and find …

Review of my Toyota Etios (Model V)

It's time to write about experience of my newly purchased Toyota Etios car - as Odometer has crossed 2,000 kms. This may be called customer review also. I've tried to keep it full of points that are not mentioned on car reviews on magazine websites and online forums.

My old workhorse Indica DLE (deluxe, diesel) exceeded my expectation and served me for over 10 years, but its age started showing. Metal body started rusting at many places, though odometer showed just 54,000 kms and engine seemed to be in good shape. It was time to look for another workhorse.

I looked around for over 1 year; and selected Toyota Etios. Main reason for this selection was brand name synonymous with reliability, good space and good price. In fact, when it was launched I had taken a test drive and I had given up on it because of excessive noise and vibration on the road. Even various review confirmed same. I wanted a 4m long sedan with good space with minimum fuss car - at a reasonable price. I took …