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Taxability of Digital Signatures and Certificates

Indian Information Technology Act 2000 came in to force about 5 years back. Among many things - it laid legal framework for making digital signatures on par with the physical signature of a person. Also it laid legal framework for issuance of digital certificates to certify/identify owner of a website as a particular person or an organization; and also to facilitate secure communication between the end user and the owner of the website over internet.

Currently there are number of organizations who are permitted to issue such digital certificates. For example, Safescrypt Ltd, Tata Consultancy Services, MTNL and few more. Person or Organizations desirous of getting such digital signature/certificate have to pay a certain fee or price for the same. These digital signatures/certificates are valid for a period of 1 or 2 years from the date of issuance. After the expiry - digital signature/certificate is re-issued after due verification and payment of renewal fee or price.

The issuance of dig…

More on Right to Information Act

Just learnt this piece of information from Mahendra Tyagi. He is a whistler blower in Indian Oil Corporation (IOC). His wife sought some information from ministry of Petroleum about some issue at IOC under Right to Information Act. They replied to her that her query is referred to IOC and they will reply to it!!

Do you remember what happened when Satyanarayan Dubey wrote to Prime Minister's Office about corruption in Golden quadrilateral Project? Isn't this situation very similar to Satyanarayan Dubey's case?

Crucial point to be noted here is, when a certain answer is sought from a particular ministry they are supposed to answer it. They can not absolve themselves by referring the question to some one else. I'm sure there should be some provision in the Right to Information Act so that such thing does not happen. If it happens then there should be some remedy to correct the situation. If not - then situation is very similar to what an ordinary citizen experiences every d…

What's use of authorized service centers of car companies?

Yesterday spent half a day getting my Indica diesel car problems corrected.

Day-before I had visited one authorized centre for Tata Motors at Andheri (East). I'd gone there to get Basic free service done (given by 3rd party) and to get low pick-up experienced during last few days solved e.g., whenever I start the a/c, car would stop. Also there was a problem of screeching noise from the belt while climbing a slope in 1st/2nd gear.

Upon inspection of my Indica Diesel DLE (year 2000) model, head mechanic told me that car engine is having back compressor problem viz.,., engine oil is splashing from the engine-oil-level-check-vent - because pistons walls have enlarged, EGR motor is not working, excessive black smoke is coming and belt noise is there in 1st/2nd gear. He suggested complete overhaul of engine Rs.5,500/- Engine Kit-Rs.12,000/-, Fuel Pump Setup Rs.5,000/-, Engine Boring etc Rs.5,000/-, Air-conditioner Gas refilling etc. etc.. Total cost about Rs.35,000/- to 40,000/-. Bill of…

Right to Information Act

It's my experience that - in India - people and organizations are experts in hiding information, giving in-complete / confusing /partially correct / false information. Remember joke where an Indian Chartered accountant in competition with certified accountants from USA and Europe says "how much do want 2+2 to be?". Why such a situation? Because by doing it is very easy to make money and gain power. Vast majority of India believes in it and practices it whole heartedly.

Right to Information act is a little first step in the right direction to root out this corruption. And we have to go a long way before it start giving meaningful results and making difference in the lives of ordinary citizens.

To illustrate my points I'll cite few examples to show how information is made available at present:

* Information is old e.g. official website of Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai has published license fee rates to be paid under 'Shop and Establishment'. It shows rat…