Introducing 'Heartfulness Meditation' to friends using WhatsApp

Recently I used WhatsApp to introduce 'Heartfulness Meditation' to people whom I know personally i.e., they are in my mobile's address book and they also have my mobile number in their address book.

Let's see what I shared with them.

Hi, with your permission I will send one short video per day, giving useful information on Heartfulness Meditation. 

So, one video will be sent to you per day for next 12 days. It will be of 2 to 3 min duration telling you about one particular aspect of the meditation practice. For example, what is it, when and how to sit, how to regulate thoughts, recording experiences etc etc.

Please give feedback or feel free to ask relevant questions to me.

What is Meditation?

Day-2: "Heartfulness Meditation." Here we go.

Please go back a little in time and remember how you learnt driving, swimming, cooking or biking. It was difficult initially. Same here, but it is safer here.

Actually for some people, it may be somewhat similar to the situation when Harry Potter went to the 9 3/4 platform to catch the Hogwarts Express!

Just kidding. Don't worry.

Meditation without light

Day 3: Heartfulness Meditation. "Can you give me a book to read or a CD to know more about Meditation?" Watch this video for the answer.

Practice first, understand later

Day-4: Heartfulness Meditation
The Best time for Heartfulness Meditation

Day-5: Heartfulness Meditation
Regulating the mind with Heartfulness meditation

Day-6: Heartfulness Meditation
The Right Posture for Heartfulness Meditation

Day-7: Heartfulness Meditation

The Right Place for Heartfulness Meditation

Day-8: Heartfulness Meditation
Finding Balance through Heartfulness meditation

Day-9: Heartfulness Meditation
Importance of a Goal for Heartfulness meditation

Day-10: Heartfulness Meditation
Developing Humility through Heartfulness meditation

Day-11: Heartfulness Meditation
Meditation on the Heart

Day-12: Heartfulness Meditation. With this we end the series of informational videos on Heartfulness Meditation.

Hope you liked them. Please do share feedback.

Also, please sit for Heartfulness Meditation every day morning for 30 minutes. More information is available on this website:
Recording Experiences of Heartfulness meditation

That's it. At the end of 12 days recipients would have got a good general idea of what this is about. If any one shows interest in practicing Heartfulness Meditation the step by step process is reproduced below from the website.

How to practice 'Heartfulness Meditation'

1. Create the environment
Find a place where you won’t be disturbed. The practice described below should ideally be followed at the same time and place over the next seven days.

Turn off your phones, televisions, radios and any other sources of distraction.

If you need to, tell your room-mates or family members that you will not be available for 30 minutes.

2. Relax
Sit comfortably and follow the Heartfulness relaxation. This can be done by people of all ages.

Heartfulness Relaxation

3. Meditate
Gently close your eyes and suppose that a Divine Light is illuminating your heart from within. Rather than trying to visualize it, simply tune in to your heart and be open to any experience that you may have.

Do this for 30 minutes. If your mind wanders, gently bring your attention back to your heart.This can be done by people who are 18 or older.


Once you feel yourself naturally coming out of the meditation, spend a few minutes writing down what you observed in a journal. Keeping a journal of your observations is highly recommended.

Points for reflection:
  • How long was I able to meditate for?
  • Where is my attention during this meditation?
  • How did it feel to focus on the heart instead of the mind?
What Next?
When you feel inspired to explore this further, you might consider Practising Heartfulness with the assistance of yogic transmission.

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