Loop Mobile - Revised tariff of Blackberry BIS Lite Plan

I'm customer of BPL mobile (now Loop) since inception of their service in Mumbai.

Recently I learnt from the bill that Loop Mobile has revised the tariff of Blackberry BIS Lite Plan wef 6-6-2012 from Rs.199 to 299 with added facility of 2 Gb Internet free on Opera mini browser.  

There are many problems with such revision of tariff:

1. Loop Mobile did not inform customers about revised tariff along with new details of 2 GB Internet thru opera. I did not get any notice from them about it. I learnt it only from gallery upon inquiry of higher tariff bill. Loop Mobile is claiming that they have informed the all users of BIS Lite by SMS. But, I never received any SMS.

2. Loop Mobile did not take consent of customer before charging the revising tariff. They have unilaterally changed the tariff. Against this argument they say that they are at liberty to change price of Value Added Service any time.

TRAI Direction on Value Added Services dated 4th July 2011 (F.No.305-15/2011-QoS), it states following:


7. And whereas upon examination of the complaints of the consumers and the replies received from the service providers, the Authority found that in most of the cases the service providers claimed that they have obtained the explicit consent of consumers through telecalling or Out Bound Dialer call or through other electronic means involving interactive sessions while the consumers have disputed such claims, thus giving rise to the need for a confirmation process to avoid such disputes in claims and counter claims in the matter of seeking and obtaining explicit consent;

8. And whereas the Authority is of the view that deduction of subscription charges from the talk value, either initially or from subsequent recharges without the specific consent of consumers, is against the interest of consumers; 


9 (ii)  every service provider shall, at least three days before the due date of renewal of a value added service, inform the consumer through SMS, the due date for renewal of such service, the charges for renewal and toll free telephone number for unsubscribing the value added service;


Clearly Loop Mobile has failed to follow above direction 9(ii) and are not entitled to recover revised increased tariff from any consumers.

3. I don't wish to use the free internet up to 2 GB on Opera for following reasons:

a. It is not easy for a Blackberry BIS Lite Plan subscriber to install the 'Opera' browser on his handset. It is easy to install it if one has full internet access but BIS Lite Plan does not have Internet Access through the Blackberry's built in browser. 

For installation of Opera one has to download it on a PC then transfer the application to the Blackberry handset using Blackberry's Desktop Manager tool. It is not easy to configure and user BB Desktop Manager for most users.

b. Internet works only on Opera mini browser. It does not work with built-in Blackberry's browser.

c. It is almost a useless service for Blackberry mail users because links given in the email messages always open the Blackberry browser. And this browser still does not work saying "Your device does not currently have any Browser Configuration Service Book entries Because Internet does not work with Blackberry's browser. Please contact your service provider to enable Browser on your device."

d. Even if one copies the link in email and tries to paste the link in Opera, paste does not work. Opera on Blackberry handset does not allow paste of a link copied from within email message! So, a user is not able to use opera. So, it's a total waste of money to go for such 2 gb of Internet access on Opera.

When I visited Loop Mobile gallery, they suggested that I shift to 399/- plan where Blackberry browser works! So, clearly this new revised tariff is a arm-twisting technique employed by Loop Mobile to fleece its customers.

I've written to Loop Mobile Appellate Authority number of times to reverse the charges. Every time I sent them a mail, someone calls up saying sorry we will reverse Rs.100 from your next bill. They have done that twice or three times. But they add saying from next month onwards you will have to pay Rs.299!

Have you faced this problem from Loop Mobile or any other operator? Do write back.

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