Status of Income Tax Refund

There is a very useful service started by Income tax department to find out status of your Income tax refund. But useful of such an important service is marred by bad data in the Income tax database. For example see following screen-shot from the website.

Notice that contradictory information is shown
Notice the text in bigger red circle. First column says "cheque has not been sent" and next column says "refund cheque is encashed".
Also, notice that refund is sent on 10-8-2006 for the Assessment Year 2007-08 i.e., Financial year ended on 31-3-2007. So, our Income tax department is so efficient and forward looking that they are able to send the refund on 10-8-2006 before year has ended on 31-3-2007!! I like this efficiency.

It clearly shows that Income tax database is in a mess. And such mess can be easily traced back to the people who enter data in to the system. So, it's a garbage in garbage out.

Recently (24-6-2010) there was a press release by Income tax that said:
“The Income Tax Department has taken the initiative to clean up the mismatched TDS data base. Many refunds are pending with the IT Department due to the mismatch of tax paid by the assessee, but the same is not being reflected in the computer software of the department.”

If you are interested in knowing reactions of citizen's of India on such public admission of failure - visit following site:

I am victim of above mentioned mismatched TDS database. My Income-tax return's TDS figures are no-where near to the data shown on Form AS-26 that I got from TIN website. And when I inquired Income tax department by visiting my Assessing Officer (AO) - TDS data on his computer's AS-26 for me - does not match with AS-26 that I got from the TIN website. So, I'm in a total mess because I'm trying to reconcile three different sets of TDS details viz., one that I've based on TDS certificates, second is Form 26-AS based on TIN website and third is TDS details (AS-26) that I got from AO's computer. You don't believe me? If you want proof - I'm ready to provide the same. Just write to me.

And now Income tax department has issued notices for recovery of tax. When rectification is filed u/s 154 for the correction - poor letter gets filed in AO's files. Ideally AO should do the correction in 6 months. In one of my correction dated 21-4-2003 for Assessment Year 2001-02 - no correction has been done so far and demand is still pending!! My wife has filed for correction u/s 154 on 19-5-2010 for AY 2008-09; and as on 24-11-2010 - when I appeared before her AO and inquired him if corrections were done. He said our CA should bring it to his notice by writing a letter and attaching copy of correction letter u/s 154 filed with him! In fact,  as per IT rules he was bound to have done the correction in 6 months i.e., on or before 18-11-2010!

I don't have doubt that we are living in "Incredible India."

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