More on Right to Information Act

Just learnt this piece of information from Mahendra Tyagi. He is a whistler blower in Indian Oil Corporation (IOC). His wife sought some information from ministry of Petroleum about some issue at IOC under Right to Information Act. They replied to her that her query is referred to IOC and they will reply to it!!

Do you remember what happened when Satyanarayan Dubey wrote to Prime Minister's Office about corruption in Golden quadrilateral Project? Isn't this situation very similar to Satyanarayan Dubey's case?

Crucial point to be noted here is, when a certain answer is sought from a particular ministry they are supposed to answer it. They can not absolve themselves by referring the question to some one else. I'm sure there should be some provision in the Right to Information Act so that such thing does not happen. If it happens then there should be some remedy to correct the situation. If not - then situation is very similar to what an ordinary citizen experiences every day while dealing with government departments viz., "running from pillar to post".

And worst thing is that - when a query is made to a higher authority - how can they refer it to some one down the authority line i.e., ministry of Petroleum is asking IOC? Particularly, this thing assumes very serious proportion because complaint/query is raised against working of IOC. Without any doubt this situation is absolutely same as Satyendra Dubey's case.

We could not do anything about Satyendra Dubey, but this time situation is little different. Currently Right to Information Act is already enacted and surely ministry of Petroleum can not shirk their responsibility. We need to get together and help Mahendra Tyagi and his wife to get answers to the question they are asking. Certainly we do not want another Satyendra Dubey. Isn't it?

We can not and should not remain moot spectator to such callous attitude of Government Departments. It used to be like that - but not now. When Act is in force they should give answers. What do you say?

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